We help companies to see the possibilities and find their niches in fast changing world
Business startegy development based on current state of technology and laws
Business 1.0
Product — Positioning — Price — Consumer — Sales channels — Marketing — Partners
Business 4.0
Uniqueness — Ultra-specificity — Usefulness — Urgency
Online consulting
Portfolio of projects and innovations management.
Project audit
  • Purpose
    • Establish priorities in project activities based on industry trends, managers' vision,
      and strategic goals
    • Build a transparent and tight system for monitoring the portfolio of projects and innovations
    • "Cut off" irrelevant projects and initiatives, enforce the priority ones with resources
    • Regularly replenish the project portfolio based on the strategy and the internal funnel
      of innovation
  • Format
    • Project audit – one-time systematization of all projects of a company or one department / area
    • Project committee – regular meeting on monitoring and prioritization of projects
    • Innovation committee – regular meeting to support and systematize initiatives, innovations, internal start-ups in the company
    • Training – training format for managing a portfolio of projects and innovations
  • Result
    • Receive an independent, unbiased look at the actual project implementation
    • Focus on really important strategic projects
    • Suspend or close irrelevant projects and save resources
    • Receive quick results from the first session
    • Save on expensive project management professionals
  • Cost effective
    It optimizes project management and project portfolio costs (avoid creating or expanding
    project departments within the company), chargeable at hourly rate and can be limited
    to several hours per month / quarter.
  • Banks and FinTech
  • Retail and e-Commerce
  • FMCG
  • IT and Telecom
  • Transport
  • Real estate
  • Logistics
  • Agribusiness
  • Pharma industry
  • Exploration and mining operations
Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Cyprus, Austria, Latvia, Czech Republic, Greece, Sweden, Finland, Iceland
Asia and Oceania
China, Indonesia,
Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Australia
South america
Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Peru, Ecuador
Support of business
  1. Registration of legal entities, licensing, certification
  2. Opening bank accounts
  3. Legalization of documents
  4. Legal support of business
  5. Taxes and accounting
  6. Sales support, assistance in finding prospective customers
  7. Support of export-import operations
  8. Assistance in finding an office and hiring employees
  9. PR support, event organization and marketing
We represent
Russian companies abroad
and foreign companies in Russia and CIS countries
Markets and analytics
  • Study/assessment of market size, competitive environment analysis
  • Consumer analysis, the search of unmet needs, development of new ones, and adaptation of existing goods and services to the market
  • Segmentation studies
  • Consumer behaviour research, development of retail strategies
  • Pricing research – determining the best price
  • Testing of communication materials – development of communication strategy
  • Adaptation of brands / communications materials
  • Advertising campaign performance evaluation
Strategy development
cards, payments, and remittances
Card issuing
  • Market analysis
  • Digital transformation
  • Growth vectors
  • Product line optimization
  • Additional sources of revenue
  • Anti-fraud tools
  • Growth vectors
  • Business optimization
  • Strategy development
  • Cost optimization
  • Growth vectors
  • Pricing policy
  • DeFi as part of the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)
  • Decentralized (p2p) post-banking systems
  • Promising areas for financial and credit institutions
Transactional business
  • Pricing policy analysis
  • Cash management
  • Cost optimization
  • Innovative solutions
Cryptocurrency and other crypto assets
  • Meta-analysis of the market
  • Legislative regulation
  • Prospects and main tendencies of the market
  • Predictive models based on scenarios
  • Cryptocurrency as an investment medium / tool
Blockchain and decentralized systems
  • Market assessment
  • Solutions (cases)
  • Promising areas of development
  • Relationship with other aspects of decentralization of the economy
  • Marketing initiatives efficiency analysis
    Performance evaluation, coverage, and other parameters; recommendations on promotion channels and techniques, metrics
  • Analysis of intermediated activities
    Assessment of terms of cooperation and revenue increase potential in the work with equipment suppliers, payment aggregators, facilitators, and other partners
  • Country benchmarking
    Analysis of doing business in Russia vs other CIS countries. Analysis of market capacity and risks. Surveys of ecosystem: payment schemes and international payers, analysis of trends and growth potential
  • Staff performance evaluation
    Implementation of online personnel
    assessment tools, KPI and approaches to motivation. A comprehensive performance assessment based on profit analysis, competitive benchmarking, evaluating the performance of departments and employees.
Research and consulting
  • Consumer profile
    Pioneers, pragmatists, sceptics, traditionalists,
    attitude to personal data and multi-channel, analysis of various market segment ranging from the mass market to the premium audience.
  • Employee profile
    Motivation, expectations, branch performance efficiency, attrition rate, other parameters.
  • Rates
    Transactional services, banking products, building of product offerings and pricing policy based
    on current market trends, competitive benchmarking
    and positioning on the market.
  • Portfolio
    Default exposure, arrears, growth,
    "bad" and "good" client profile.
Your company receives up-to-date information on industry trends and drivers, development vectors and competitor strategies.

We provide you with the insights necessary for making management decisions, offer solutions to specific problems of your business.

You save your time and resources in collecting data, exploring new areas and promising themes.
Turnaround time

From 4 to 8 weeks, or
As agreed with customer
Konsantin Grizov